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ITech is a business-driven organization. When we are hired, not only do we think about the technology solution, but we also study, analyze, research, and become part of our client's business and industry. This is very important because without a strong understanding of both the competitive landscape and solid business practices, the right internet solution isn't always achieved. If a project doesn't make sense, we will recommend and help execute the appropriate strategy. We Have outstanding capabilities in the field of Web Development, Graphic Design and Desktop Applications. Over the years, we have gathered some of the most efficient Software Engineers, Web Developers, Graphic Designers and personnel.

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Technology Talk

When most people think about computer software, they think of either Bill Gates or video games. There is, however, a whole world between those two extremes.

One of the major activities of the Informatics Complex is the software development for Process Modeling, Process Control Applications, Real Time I/O Interfacing, Artificial intelligence, Expert systems, Business Management systems and Web Site development. Software allows us to put technology to use by making it accessible. There are a number of software packages and programs available today, ranging from the latest version of Doom to diagnostic software used by physicians. Other software applications include compiling code to run on computer chips, programming robots and database design. The men profiled here work in the latter fields, one, representing software as part of a hardware company, one working in robotics development and the third as a systems/network administrator at a graphics company.